UTMB 2005
My first ever ultratrail, the UTMB 2005.

UTMB 2006
My UTMB in 2006, DNF because of a tendinitis.

UTMB 2007
My last UTMB in 2007.

Can novice ultratrailers run the Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont-Blanc ?
Why do I think that some novice ultrarunners can complete the UTMB.

What entry system for the UTMB ?
Comparison of several entry systems for the UTMB, following the increasingly fast registration.

Other races

Tough Guy 2008
My participation at Tough Guy 2008, a wet assault course in winter.

Ironman France 2008
My first triathlon, the Nice Ironman 2008.

Hardmoors 110: the friendly ultramarathon
My tale of the first Hardmoors 110 race.

PTL 2010
Account of the successful PTL 2010 with Leo as Two Chameleons.

Runs and hikes

London - Guildford: the Mommas' Pilgrimage
My run from London to Guildford along the Thames and the Wey.

London to Brighton (running version)
My solo and unsupported run from London to Brighton.

Tour du Parc National de la Vanoise
Hike in the Alps, on the GR5 and GR55, an extension to the Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise.

Strenuous winter hiking in North Wales
Surprised by a snow storm in North wales as I was hiking alone.


UK ultramarathons list

Energy gels: a subjective comparative test
Comparative study of most energy gels available in the UK.