... just run 50 of them! And in one year that is, otherwise I wouldn't call that a challenge, really.

That's pretty much what Hardmoors creator Jon Steele has on his plate for 2012. No one asked him to do it, he decided it himself, Mens sana in corpore sano (a sane mind in a sound body). Well, at least the sound body part.

So the idea is to run an ultramarathon pretty much every week-end, either as an actual ultramarathon race, a shorter race topped up after the finish line, or a training run, as long as it's longer than 27 miles (43.5km). And to season the whole idea, that will include three 100 miles races and four 50 miles ones.

You can follow his progress on his new blog: jsteeles50in52.blogspot.com. Good luck Jon!

Ultra running year