In less than 21 hours I'll be on the starting line of the inaugural Hardmoors 55, my first ultra of the year. It's also the first time I run an ultra at such a time of the year, so I'm not sure about my fitness level.

Unfortunately, I haven't finished my real-time tracking system. It's really nearly there, but a few unexpected glitches during the first live trial convinced me to wait before the general release. In particular, the SPT 100 hasn't sent any SMS during the first half of my run (probably due to its location in the bag affecting the GPS signal), and the 3G modem can apparently store only 25 SMS, which means I'll have to add persistent storage for the raw SMS in the database and delete them as they're received. Not a big deal, but I had no time for that recently.

I'm leaving today after lunch for Middlesborough then Guisborough. Coach to Helmsley at 5am tomorrow morning.

Ultra ready?