The results of the draw to enter La Petite Trotte à Léon (Léon's short stroll) are out: our team is in! It looks like there were only about 60 teams for 60 tickets anyway...

In case you missed what the PTL is, this is a kind of super-UTMB of approx. 250km (6 marathons) with 18,000m of ascent. This is 90km longer than the regular UTMB, but there's twice as much ascent - 18,000m is quite frankly huge!

The PTL's philosophy is a bit different from the UTMB's (and sister races). It's to be completed by teams of 3 runners. I've teamed up with Sven, a French mate living in London and Leo, a British runner from Oxfordshire and twice UTMB finisher to form "The Chameleons". We'll have about 4 to 5 days to complete the loop. There will be virtually no road section on the route, but there will be loads of high mountain paths (up to 3000m) that are much more technical than the rather easy TMB hiking path. There won't be any assistance and the route won't even be marked. It's in total autonomy, and that's why we'll have to carry a bivouac tent.

Because it's so long, we'll have to sleep (a bit) and I'm not sure how it'll feel after 2 or 3 days... I guess it will be more a fast hike rather than a run.

Now we've got to start training for it!

Ultra UTMB.