Here we go again, my last blog entry before the big day ! I'm leaving for Chamonix tomorrow. Many thanks to all of you that contributed to my fundraise (it's not too late) !

On forums and blogs the tension is quite obvious: anxiety, stress, impatience, excitement, last minute wonders, ...

The weather has been very unstable lately, and the forecast for the week-end changes every hour. It seems like it may be OK for the week-end: Meteo France - - webcams.

The last couple of days I've completely stopped running. I've also started to eat quite a lot, including a home-made rice pudding that gives me an extra 1,300Kcal per day (ie. a 4th meal).

As for the race, not much changes in the strategy/gear compared to last year. I've got a lighter waterproof jacket. I won't use the shoulder strap bottle. I'll take the same kind of food (gels, bars, chestnut spread, Tuc biscuits, energy drink) for a total of about 7,000Kcal. A few food points have been removed this year, but I don't think it'll make much difference. I'll try to drink more this time, in order to avoid tendenitis-like problems.

Ultra impatient.