Hungry readers will have noted the obvious similarity with this previous article title: Energy gels: a subjective comparative test. And indeed, this article is a somehow loose, non-scientific, comparison of a few mini cheese bites available. Not quite as comprehensive as its gel counterpart, though.

I came to use these mini cheese bites as a compromise between gel-based nutrition and real-food. As mentioned here a few times now, an all-gel nutrition plan is out of question for events longer than 5 or 6 hours. Cheese and dry sausages have been proven to be a much more appropriate option a number of times. The problem with those in their conventional form is that although they might taste great, they are not ideal when it comes to carry them for more than a day in warm conditions...

Hence the "cheese bites" I started to use during the TSQ 2010. New varieties seem to appear on a regular basis these days, and, just like with the energy gels, I have also started to taste the ones I could find - aside from the so-called "light" varieties obviously :) .

Here is a quick summary:
babybel originalMini Babybel
The original stuff. Used regularly since TSQ 2010. 20g, 61KCal (305Kcal/100g).
babybel cheddarMini Babybel Cheddar
Tastes a bit more cheesy, and nearly 25% more calories. Used regularly since TSQ 2010. 20g, 75KCal (375Kcal/100g).
babybel goatMini Babybel Goat
Seems new, but with only 10% goat cheese, it's more of a subtle goat's cheese flavour unfortunately. 20g, 65KCal (325Kcal/100g).
babybel goudaMini Babybel Gouda
I haven't seen this one in shops yet. 20g, 68KCal (340Kcal/100g).
marmite miniMarmite Cheddar Bite
A "chunky" texture, with a Marmite aftertaste. 20g, 81KCal (405Kcal/100g).
Cathedral City Cheddar MiniCathedral City Cheddar Mini Mature
The only bite to be an actual unmodified piece of cheese. Harder dough and tastier than all others. Also the most calorific, but might not survive as long, since there is no added preservatives. 20g, 83KCal (415Kcal/100g).

I had written that my choice would go for the Cathedral City Cheddar Mini given its taste and calorific density, combined with the Mini Babybel goat for a bit of variety. But by the time I finished polishing this article, both of them appear to be unavailable at my usual supermarket...

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