I went for a 57km training/recce run on Saturday to check out the status of the route between Richmond and Maidenhead.

To put myself into the Queen's Diamond Jubilee mood from the start, quite a few boats between Richmond and Teddington were getting ready for the Pageant the next day, including an actual royal barge and steam engines whistling. It was quite clear that these celebrations were the primary concern of most people given the number of Union Jacks floating at countless street parties, boats, and even picnics. Amusingly enough, I happened to wear one myself on my back-pack, albeit coupled with a French one. Nothing to do with the Jubilee then, but a souvenir from the PTL team.

As for the Thames Path itself, a new diversion will probably be set downstream from Walton-on-Thames by the time I set off for my third attempt. I could not check it this time, though...

The long diversion upstream of Staines-upon-Thames (formerly Staines) which was in place last year has been lifted, which is great news.

However, as expected, a new major diversion has been laid around Dorney Lake, between Windsor and Maidenhead, in order to build a temporary bridge for the Olympic rowing and canoeing. Whilst the diverted path is generally pleasant and not too much distance has been added, the South section of the diversion is badly signed, so I'm glad I had a look beforehand.

A good run all in all, especially after a month of not so great feelings during training.

Ultra recce 2