In a hope to maintain some of the running "tradition" in my group despite having left Imperial College last week, I attempted to motivate a few colleagues to run the Hyde Park Relays (teams of 6) on Saturday and/or the Cambridge Boundary Run (marathon and half) on Sunday. With an amazing 14 people acknowledging to run 5.16km for the Relays a month ago, I optimistically decided to pre-register 2 teams.

Alas, runners dropped out little by little as time passed, and on Friday only 8 runners had finally confirmed to come. I gave up on the Boundary Run.

On the day, I registered teams "Legend" and (wait for it...) "Dairy". Whilst Dairy was a proper 6-runner team, Legend only featured Alessio and I, relaying each other 3 times alternatively.

In a final bad luck strike, a last-minute defection meant someone had also to run twice in Dairy...

The race went on relatively well given my lack of training, and I managed to run my laps in 20:42, 21:04, and 22:17, with Alessio running in similar times. The last lap was a bit tricky, especially in the (slightly) uphill sections. It was an odd feeling to run fast for 20 minutes and then cool down, feeling my legs seizing up for 20 minutes before running again, starting with jelly legs :) And again! Anyhow, we finished 45th/95 overall, and 4th/38 internal team. Not bad.

After a lot of tergiversation between a few of us, Dan decided to run the extra lap for Dairy. Well done!

Full results.

Ultra short (of runners)