Hardmoors 110 will take place in 3 weeks now, and I'm still uncertain about a few of things, some of them quite important.

1. Poles or not poles?
On one hand (*), poles are helpful in steep hills (up and down). And there will be lots of up and downs in the moors. On the other hand, poles are a real burden when it's relatively flat. You just don't know what to do with them. Therefore I've decided not to use them for the race, and trained accordingly. But I'm still unsure...

2. What map?
There are several mapping options:
none0gindestructibleno very helpful
Footprint Cleveland Way map~1:4500050gplastic caseno GPS grid, old
Explorer Active maps OL26 & OL271:25000400glaminateddoesn't cover final segment
National Trail guide book1:25000300gnullcould take it apart to make road sheets
Hand make roadbook1:25000?null
Current preference: OS maps, and for sure if the weather forecast looks bad.

3. What navigation tools?
I could take the GPS (potentially with preloaded checkpoints or even the whole route), a compass, both or nothing at all. Current choice: nothing at all.

4. What food?
If I want to eat 2 energy gels per hour, I'll need to take no less than 72 of them. That's about 5kg if I go for the SiS GO... I'll also need some savoury things such as Tucs biscuits.

5. Where to stay?
I'm considering the campsite at Filey, because it's cheap and you can come back from the race at any time of the day or the night. But that also means a bit less comfort after the race, especially if it's rainy.

Any thoughts?

Ultra interrogations.

(*) Actually, on both hands :)