Wow, that's already the end of my second ironman training period! My training has been seriously altered by the Easter break, then things went back to normal.
  • Swimming
    Swimming went globally alright, except once as I tried to swim 2 days in a row on top of running. My triceps were aching quite a bit and I decided to stop after 500m rather than forcing it. It seems I can increase the distance without much trouble.
  • Cycling
    I eventually started spinning classes: it should help building up quads and cardio. Yesterday I didn't manage to ride 120km: it was snowing and very windy. My gloves and shoes were full of ice-cold water and covered in snow. I was wearing warm and waterproof long sleeve tops, but only triathlon shorts. After 20km I couldn't feel my hands and feet and my legs were getting weaker, so I decided to come back home. I did the typical mistake of getting straight into the warm house, thus could feel the cold blood from my legs suddenly entering my chest. Very bad! Anyway... On the whole cycling is getting better.
  • Running
    Running is OK. I did a 23km run without water/food, and it went surprisingly easy.
I need to focus more on cycling from now on. This is my weakest point, or at least the one I can improve the most.

Ultra triathlon increasing training.