This is already the end of my first Ironman training period and the beginning of the first relative rest week. On the whole things went roughly as planned, with a few exceptions. My rest heart rate is now back under 50bpm.
  • Swimming
    Swimming training went on perfectly as planned. The start was a bit hard, but it's getting better. I still find it tricky to do speed training on my own - I'm lacking a bit of self-motivation. I don't work out too much my legs, as this "tickles" my hips, and may not be as useful as arms for triathlon.
  • Cycling
    Rides in the countryside went fine, with London-Brigthon (90km) in 3h40min at last yesterday. Hills such as Ditchling Beacon are still a bit hard after a riding for a while. I really need to do some hill training.
    I noticed I can't stay on the aerobars for a long period of time: I got some cramps in the arms. My position is certainly wrong but I'm not sure how to fix it yet.
    I didn't do any spinning classes for various lame reasons, which is quite bad.
  • Running
    Running went as planned but not amazingly. I feel generally quite stiff and slow. Speed training in the morning is a bit tricky as well, because it's cold and I carry a bag.
No injuries so far, that's a good start :)

I don't intend to change my training plan for the second period. But I must go to spinning classes - they may help for hill cycling.

Ultra triathlon training start.