Whiteless Pike
View from Whiteless Pike (photographer: Dan)

10 days ago, during a hike in Lake District, I slipped on wet rocks and fell on my behind (I didn't have my poles). I heard and felt a little "crac", and immediately thought I broke my coccyx. But the pain was not that bad actually, so I came to the conclusion that it was probably something in my bag.
Today I'm no so sure anymore about that. Most of the time it's not painful but some motions, such as jumping, still give me a sharp pain. It can also be a bit achy while lying down in bed. Sometimes I feel some sort of cartilage cracking in the area when I sit down.

Obviously I could go and see a doctor, but I know that he won't be sure of his diagnostic. Even if he is, I'll get some general advice and anti-inflammatories anyway. There's not much to do to help with a fractured coccyx. So, why bother?

Ultra minor fall.