This week-end I went out for a gentle 20km run along the Thames, to "chill out" after lots of climbing and Tough Guy training last week. It was going on well until Miss Tamesis decided to make it harder. Indeed, on my way back the tide was higher than I ever seen, and rising.

Some people were quickly moving their parked cars away from a small road on the bank in Mortlake. So far I managed to avoid the water, but then came the first passage where I had no choice but to put my feet in the water. I hesitated 10 seconds, if only I knew what was coming next... Some parts of the way to Barnes Bridge were well underwater, sometimes I had water up to the belt. The water was as high as the tables of the pub on the bank.
There were sections of several hundred meters with water above the knees, sometimes with no trees nor fences between the "path" and the actual river bed. A strange, mildly thrilling but enjoyable feeling to run in a powerful river. You'd better know how wide is the path, because the edge is usually steep...
Passed Barnes, the water was not that high (up to the knees), but there were several kilometres of flooded path in a row, up to Hammersmith. Unexpected Tough Guy training!

Ultra tidal Thames.