Yesterday morning, after 4 months virtually without running, I've made an attempt to get back into it. I've been once around Hyde Park (6.3km) in 29'15" which is really not too bad compared to my typical 27'30". It feels so good to be able to run again.
I didn't feel anything particular during the run, but it was slightly dodgy an hour after. I'm not even sure that's related, as I feel sometimes much more achy while lying down or sitting. This morning, I feel very stiff, just as if I ran a marathon or two. Or probably just as if I didn't run for a couple of months ...

This is quite encouraging, but I must remain very careful. I've not completely recovered yet and therefore another injury would probably be fatal. I'll probably start to run once a week, only one gentle Hyde Park lap.

Ultra encouraging.

Assessment of my training plan:
I'm reaching the end of stage 1, namely "come back to a decent shape". I've been swimming 3 to 4 times a week, which is good, but I've not done 2km very often (I feel like Mommas is going to make fun of me...). I'll try to increase a bit the volume from now on.