The name of this blog came up one day while I was chatting with Bastien. We realised that sometimes in life when everything goes wrong one can suddenly feel happy for no apparent reason. Just like in an ultramarathon... Life is an ultramarathon !
The only reference to this expression (used in the same sort of meaning) I've found on the internet is: "The Christian life is an ultra-marathon, not a short sprint" :-/ ... This blog will not only deal with ultramarathon, but more generally with the aspects of life related to ultra.

Technically, I've decided to give up the duo NanoBlogger (bash) + CgiComment (perl). However the frequent speed gains in every new version, it takes now 40+ seconds to generate the update of an entry (on a 2.8GHz P4) and it seems that there are some serious security issues with the comments. I've then choosen DotClear (PHP/MySQL) to replace these engines. This should also allow much more flexibility (eg. I will be able to post from a internet cafe).
The RougeCiel (sky red) theme has been selected and modified it a bit. Stars on the banner have been kept to symbolise the hope, whereas the background was set to the "trailer's dream" image from UltraFondus.

Hope you'll like it!

PS: The first post below is a refreshed version of the article posted on my previous blog.