I have just upgraded my blog engine from Dotclear 1.2 to 2.2. To do so, I also had to migrate the database, so I hope all entries and comments have been moved correctly.

This is by far the most major change in the engine since I started this blog in 2006, so it's likely there will be a few teething issues. For example, internal links are not working any more, I will fix that soon. If you have web links on your website to specific pages of this blog, they will be broken, unfortunately... Please feel free to report any other problem.

I hope you enjoy the new blog!

Ultra second birth

Update 27/01/2011:
1. I have added a small script to redirect automatically the (internal and external) links from the former blog engine to the new one.
2. I have put a note to RSS and Atom users to update their feed.

Update 28/01/2011:

I have run a script to update all the internal links in the database, therefore short-cutting the previous redirection script. The redirection remains in place for inbound links.