Jon seems to be trying very hard to please the maximum number of runners. Three major news came out in the last couple of days. A new Hardmoors 30 has been announced on New Year Day. In order to get more daylight, the original Hardmoors 110 will now be run in June. And to complement the Hardmoors 55, a new Hardmoors 60 will be organised on the week-end left by the Hardmoors 110 on the coastal section of the Cleveland way! The energy Jon is putting into the races leaves me speechless.

In less than 4 years, the Hardmoors have moved from a single event to a race series... Which leaves us with this choice for 2011:
  • Hardmoors 30 1st January (circular around Whitby)
  • Hardmoors 55 19th March (Helmsley to Guisborough)
  • Hardmoors 110 3-5th June (Helmsley to Filey)
  • Hardmoors 60 24-25th September (Saltburn to Filey)
Who's up to the challenge of running all 4 of them in the same year?

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