As detailed in an earlier post, I found out that the Crème de Marrons (chestnut spread) is one of my favourite running fuel. Unfortunately, I can't find it anymore in small pouches. They now sell them online (*), but apparently they don't ship abroad. That's annoying... Does anyone know where to find these in London or online?

Ultra embarrassing.

(*) for 0.73€ each = £0.50 - half price compared to Partridges...

Update (14/04/2007):
They're available again at Partridges ! I mean they were available, as I bought all 12 of them :) At £1.10 each now, that's more than twice as much as in France ...

Update (18/04/2007):
They're definitively not available anymore at Partridges. I must have bought their whole stock at once :)